Camp Shaw-waw-nas-see is a private not-for-profit 501(c)(3). Camp Shaw was born out of generous donations in 1946 and is celebrating over 70 years of camping tradition thanks to the continued gifts of many.

We have many needs right now. Our priority is building restoration. We would really like to update our cabins to make them more comfortable and appealing to a new generation of campers in multiple seasons. Additionally, we need a couple new buildings to continue to make Camp Shaw more safe and more fun. Donations come in many forms and no donation is too small.

There are many families out there that are struggling and would really appreciate some help sending their children to camp. Perhaps you cannot donate enough funds to build a new cabin, but perhaps you could send a child to camp through a scholarship or partial scholarship and change a life!

You can donate today by clicking on the link below, or contact our camp office if you are interested in learning more about our capital campaign or other needs at Camp Shaw-waw-nas-see!

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Wish List

We’re currently working on updating our wishlist.  Please keep us in mind when/if getting rid of any items that could be useful to us.  Who knows?  You might just have something we need right in your backyard AND get a tax write off!

Thank You!

Thank you for taking time to look at this page. Camp Shaw-waw-nas-see is a special place and it takes a great deal of people working together to make sure it is successful each year. We appreciate all that our board members, staff, volunteers, donors and participants do each year to ensure we can continue to grow!