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Thank you for visiting us to learn more about how you can contribute to Camp Shaw, also known as the Northern Illinois 4-H Camp Association (NICA). Financial donations are the best way to make a lasting impact, but read on about how else you can contribute.

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The Board of Directors wishes to express its deep gratitude to all who have supported the annual Have-A-Heart fundraiser dinners for the past several years along with other support to Camp Shaw. Monies raised allowed us to continue elevating existing programs, develop new activities, and provide scholarship funding for campers.

While the Have-A-Heart fundraising dinner/silent auction has been very successful, we would like to announce an exciting new event that will be replacing the Have-A-Heart Dinner. All the details are still being finalized, but please Save the Date for the evening of Saturday, June 10.

This change in event timing will serve us well long-term, but we are left with a gap in our funding during this transition year. Camps of all types face special challenges today, and Camp Shaw has been able to move into this new era and will continue to thrive because of support from you.

While there are always myriad projects happening at Camp Shaw, here are some current funding opportunities:

  • A much needed and long-awaited remodel of the staff bathhouse. When complete, the facilities will be useable year-round and better able to accommodate the needs of our staff and rental groups. This project should be completed for the start of this year’s camp sessions.
    Approximate cost: $20,000.
  • Remodeling of staff cabins 1 – 4. These changes will allow for year-round use and more appropriate living for our staff. It will open these cabins up for rental group use as well.
    Approximate cost: $700 per cabin.
  • Each year, low-resource youth have had the opportunity to experience the magic of Camp Shaw because of your financial contributions through “Camperships,” or scholarships to Camp Shaw. We continue to do our best to give as many children as possible their very own Camp Shaw story to tell. Donations for Camperships allow this to happen.

The action never stops at Camp Shaw-waw-nas-see. Events and activities occur all year round and on nearly every weekend! We always need more volunteers. Sign up for our volunteer list here!

For over 70 years, Camp Shaw-waw-nas-see has provided opportunities for tens of thousands of children to improve their self-esteem and independence through fun, educational and recreational activities in a safe, accepting, high quality natural environment. Generations have shared life-changing traditions on this beautiful land. As the Camp Shaw community looks to the next 70 years, please consider how you and your family might continue participating in the Camp Shaw legacy.

DON’T FORGET TO SAVE THE DATE: Evening of Saturday, June 10, 2017